We are in the process of updating the documentation for ASTRA and are adopting a guide-based approach with lots of simple tutorials. Prior documentation available includes the ASTRA Guide and Old ASTRA Guide. While these documents are a little out of date, they do contain a lot of useful information about ASTRA.

Whatever you want to build, these guides are designed to get you started as quickly as possible.

Working with Maven and ASTRA

These guides help you to understand how to work with ASTRA and Maven, using the command line or an Integrated Development Environment.

Building ASTRA Projects with Maven

Learn how to create and build an ASTRA project using Maven.

Using ASTRA with IntelliJ

Learn how to use IntelliJ to create and compile ASTRA projects.

Using ASTRA with Eclipse

Coming soon…

Getting Started with ASTRA

These guides provide some basic techniques for writing ASTRA programs. Explanations are based on Maven command line tools, but you should be able to adapt these if you complete the relevent IDE guide above.

Creating Multiple Agents with ASTRA

Learn how to develop a multi-agent system using ASTRA.

Multi-Agent Communication with ASTRA

Learn how to develop agents that can communiate with one another using an Agent Communication Language.